New Features


  • Editing objects directly on first application call (support of permalinks and bookmarks)

Version 5.3

  • New process tracking
  • Backup and restore of process tracking data


  • Migrate generated manuals of version 5.0.x and 5.1.x
  • Two delete operations for manuals: Just hiding (soft) and “physical” deleting in the database without possibility to restore (hard)

Version 5.2

  • Updated database connection layer
  • New views of the process planning module
  • New views of the classic reporting module
  • New (optional) views showing relations between resource objects
  • Custom “highlighting” (user defined cell format) of cell values in resource object lists
  • Enhanced object history (containing more data and improved views)
  • New export and import of data (copying of data between alive-IT instances)
  • Revised manual definition module


  • New report about all users and their roles


  • Export of InstantOLAP reports via URL  


  • Dynamic filters for IOLAP reports in manuals


  • BCM Strategies Cloning


  • BIA Cloning

Version 5.1.2

  • Wizard for creating rules
  • Search for uploaded documents containing particular text

Version 5.1.0

  • Creating, modifying and deleting document structure elements
  • Filtering, sorting manual definitions and generating multiple manuals with one click
  • Rules implementation for the new manuals
  • Rules implementation for the new objects "Category", "Manual" and the generated documents
  • The document structure as a starting point for manual definitions, generated manuals and any other documents not produced by the manual generation
  • Manage manual definitions
  • Tool to migrate old manual definitions into the new manual definition structure without loss of information content

Version 5.0.3

  • A wizard to create rule entries is available
  • A wizard to create property entries is available
  • A wizard to maintain a DRT Dashboard scenario with applications, users and roles is available
  • The visualization of each referenced attributes can be set independent in each resource class
  • The buttons for the relations are removed and replaced by a relation panel. The relation panel opens if you hover over the icon in the lower right corner. The sections in the resource editor view can now be visualized by tabs. You can change this behavior by setting the property de.controllit.alive.resources.section.view = false.

Version to, 5.0.2

  • Setting the ownership data of an resource object in the grid view of the resources is now possible
  • Improved responsiveness of the resource views
  • A confirmation dialog will be shown before copying a resource object
  • Background processes like the import has been synchronized in load balanced environments
  • Selection of impersonation has now sorting and filtering functionality