Business Continuity Management is our passion!

Natural disasters, terrorist attacks or the loss of important suppliers and service providers are events that occur somewhere in the world each and every day.  Each of these threats can disable your company for days, weeks or months, or even lead to having to cease operations. Effective Business Continuity Management can mean the difference between the survival and collapse of your business. Business Continuity Management is the comprehensive method that helps to protect your company from risks and to ensure that your critical business processes will continue to function even during outages or emergencies.

We are specialists in the area of BCM as a consultancy and software company. We develop, in close cooperation with your company, strategies and solutions to protect your organisation against threats. The consultancy services are determined uniquely for each client based on their individual requirements, and are based on our proven methods.

Standards Orientation:
All services of Controllit AG are delivered in accordance with established standards for Business Continuity Management (ISO 22301 and ISO 27031) and the Good Practice Guidelines of the Business Continuity Institute.