KURS - Austria's largest banking congress - We are there

Visit the conference IT in Banks and deal with the following main topics:  
The beating heart of the bank between regulation, audit and innovation!


  • Interaction between the ICT Directive, ZaDiG 2018 and NISG

  • Sharpening of the Outsourcing Guideline - essential & new requirements for the credit institutions

  • Strong Customer Authentication - Regulatory Update on SCA and Implementation in Banking Practice

  • Agile software development in the area of conflict between regulatory requirements - challenges, problem areas & approaches to solutions

  • IT Audit - Up to date with the new requirements for business continuity

  • FMA and OeNB Update on Outsourcing, ICT & IT Security!

For the past 15 years, the KURS has provided the ideal platform to inform about the biggest hurdles and disruptive developments in the banking sector.
The history of the KURS is a success story and you have written it. Join us in 2020 and add another brilliant chapter.
Details of the event can be found at www.imh.at/kurs.

Mrs. Mally will be happy to inform you about an exclusive 20% discount on the participation fees.

Please contact Mrs. Eileen Mally (emally[at]controll-it.de) to take advantage of the discount.