During the Implementation Phase, the agreed (upon) measures are put into practice.

IT Preventative Measures

In the context of preventative measures for IT one could, for example, set up additional data backups, create WAN connections, build clustered systems, organise backup work spaces or even rent a new data centre location. Priority during the implementation goes towards those measures that result in improvements to the IT service availability of many different systems, and also measures that mitigate risks with a high damage potential.

Crisis and ITSCM Organisation

For use during an emergency, an independent crisis and ITSCM organisational structure (shadow organisation) must be set up. The aim of this organisational form is to enable arriving at precise and quick decisions in critical situations based on fewer levels of hierarchy. Additionally, a separate escalation process will be defined for this emergency organisation.

ITSCM Processes and Interfaces

After the conclusion of the project, management processes must be defined in order to integrate the regularly recurring tasks into normal daily operations.