About us

Controll-IT GmbH was founded in 2000 from the idea of expanding the topic of "emergency planning" in an interdisciplinary way and structuring the procedures differently than before. Even then, we had the goal of becoming one of the top addresses for business continuity management in Europe.

In the 22 years since our foundation, Controll-IT GmbH has become Controllit AG and one of the leading companies in this field. Our customers - corporate groups, medium-sized and small companies from almost all industries in Germany, Europe and around the world - benefit from our concepts and experience to prepare for possible critical incidents and crises.

Two decades ago, the topic of Business Continuity Management was an aspect that had very little relevance in large parts of the economy. Only the financial sector was concerned with this topic even then.

Today's situation is different - in the meantime, the importance of Business Continuity Management is estimated much higher. Decisive were events like 9/11 and also the increase of natural disasters.

In particular, the strong networking of global economic and commodity flows make companies more susceptible to interruptions today than 20 years ago.

Pragmatic, partnership and solution-oriented

Where does good advice start? With us it starts with the selection of our employees. Qualifications, team spirit and enthusiasm for our topics BCM, ITSCM and crisis management simply have to be right.

We are convinced that the highest consulting quality can only be achieved if these basic requirements are met. 

What we understand by consulting quality:

  • Tried and tested, flexible process models for implementing BCM, ITSCM and crisis management - that saves you valuable time

  • Certification and ongoing training of our employees

  • Never be satisfied with what you have achieved

  • Implementation of our customers' feedback in our continuous improvement process