[alive-IT] - our Software

[alive-IT] is our software solution for the implementation and support of an enterprise-wide Business Continuity and IT Service Continuity Program. Since 2000 our solution supports national and international companies in the management of their BCM and ITSCM tasks.

Our real-time support during testing and in the case of real incidents increases the benefit and acceptance of the BCM and ITSCM program throughout the entire company.

Your benefit...

  • [alive-IT] was developed for the planning and management of emergencies, as well as the mapping of BCM, ITSCM and crisis management.

  • [alive-IT] is flexible and client customizable.

  • The basic idea of [alive-IT] is the comprehensive support of the disciplines BCM, ITCM and Crisis Management, drawing on existing data and information through automated interfaces.

  • [alive-IT] uses a web browser as its front-end; requiring no client software to install. [alive-IT] is java-based, and is therefore platform independent.