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Our software [alive-IT] received a gold medal in a worldwide market study by SoftwareReview. The evaluation is based 100% on data provided by users of the software - in the end, there is no one who can perform a more honest evaluation!

We are proud to be a provider of excellent software in the truest sense of the word and above all to have enthusiastic customers!

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Our BCM software [alive-IT] helps your company to automate the BCM and ITSCM lifecycle. Our software supports the BC Manager in his work from the analysis to the creation of business continuity plans. Especially the possibility to orchestrate the restart simplifies the planning, execution and documentation of tests considerably. 

[alive-IT] has been developed by our own internal software department and has been successfully used in many industries since 2000. 

Since then, [alive-IT] has been continuously developed. We work closely together with our customers, so that we always know from the user side which changes or extensions we can or must make to further improve our software. 

With the permanent further development, the integration of the latest developments and the orientation on international standards, we provide you with a modern tool for the professional implementation of BCM and ITSCM in your company.

How can our BCM software [alive-IT] help you? [alive-IT] was developed for the planning and management of emergency situations and is one of the most innovative business continuity and IT service continuity systems on the market.

The basic idea is the comprehensive support of all BCM / ITSCM tasks and the avoidance of double data maintenance through automated interfaces. High flexibility and customizability make [alive-IT] the perfect software for BCM and ITSCM.


 The advantages of [alive-IT]

The entire application including all functions is available via web browser. The software includes a configurable data model with all resources necessary for BCM and ITSCM.

The structure and flexibility of the software allows it to be adapted to the structures of your company. With our software you can ensure that all plans are always up-to-date and compatible with each other.

Our features include:

  • Procedure according to BCM- and ITSCM-Lifecycles

  • ​Complete data model with all resources required for BCM and ITSCM

  • Up-to-date, active BCM and ITSCM documentation

  • Low resource requirements for data maintenance

  • Full cost transparency without expensive additional options

 The functions of [alive-IT]

[alive-IT] has a unique position on the market due to its various functions and features.

  • Representation of restart procedures as process chains (incl. graphical representation)

  • Online process tracking with different views

  • Import interfaces for master data from all SQL-capable databases plus LDAP import

  • Workflow engine for controlling BCM and ITSCM processes

  • Integrated report generator

  • Hierarchical access protection for functions (menus) and data records down to attribute level

  • Document creation and output in PDF, DOC and DOCX format with layout settings

  • On-site or as SaaS possible


The licenses for [alive-IT] are based on a concurrent user model. You only pay for the number of users who use the system at the same time, regardless of the number of 
Users that are defined as users.

Please contact us for price information.

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