[alive-IT] - Features

The implementation of a BCM programme is complex, the implementation with Office programmes often very time-consuming and error-prone. With our software [alive-IT] you receive comprehensive support for your BCM and ITSCM programme.

With [alive-IT], you improve your BCM and ITSCM programme, reduce maintenance efforts and increase your organisation's resilience by orchestrating recovery - all with native app support in the future.

Features for Business Continuity Management

  • Flexible resource management

  • Reporting

  • Integrated workflow engine for controlling the BCM processes

  • Automated updating of business continuity plans

  • Structured planning of restart procedures

  • Support during critical incidents and tests

Features for IT Service Continuity Management

  • Gap Analysis

  • Reporting

  • Integrated workflow engine for controlling the ITSCM processes

  • Automated updating of IT service continuity plans

  • Structured planning of restart procedures

  • Support during critical incidents and tests

Business Impact Analysis

The BIA module supports you in creating, executing and evaluating your business impact analysis.

  • Configuration of the Business Impact Analysis

  • Distribution of the BIA questionnaires to the departments via workflow

  • BIA Monitor - how to keep an overview of the current status

  • Release workflow with comment function

  • Consolidation Workflow for the BC Manager

  • ​Automatic report generation

Crisis Management

[alive-IT] supports the crisis team and the situation center in coping with critical incidents.

  • Access to all relevant crisis management documents

  • Audit-proof documentation of the crisis management team's work in a logbook

  • Coordination of the emergency teams

Executable recovery procedures

The recovery procedures created in [alive-IT] can be executed in real-time during critical incidents or tests. The individual teams receive the tasks relevant to them at the moment when the tasks have to be executed.

  • Task assignment of the restart process in real-time

  • Monitoring the restart process for the crisis unit

  • Automatic documentation of incidents and tests for subsequent error analysis

Integrated alerting (from version 7)

From version 7, [alive-IT] offers a simple, intuitive alerting function.

  • Alerting via SMS, flash SMS and phone call

iOS app (from version 7)

With version 7, we offer a native iOS app.

  • Orchestrating the restart on mobile devices

  • Adhoc task assignment

  • Logging

  • Real-time transparency for the crisis management team

Interfaces: Incident management and alerting

[alive-IT] has interfaces to the incident and alerting systems listed below. These interfaces allow emergency teams to be alerted without having to maintain the data multiple times. We are currently working on further interfaces to incident and alerting systems.