[alive-IT] System requirements

As a Java application, [alive-IT] is platform-independent and can in principle be operated on all Windows and Unix systems. Please ask our support about the compatibility of your preferred platform.


  • Current server CPU with multiple cores or multiprocessor system

  • at least 8 GB RAM

  • Disk space: 1 GB application, at least 4 GB for additional data and temporary files

  • Fastest possible network connection (minimum 100 MBit)

​[alive-IT] should be installed on a dedicated server if possible. It can also be used in virtual environments without problems.



A current Java Standard Edition SDK 64 Bit (JDK) is required.

[alive-IT] is installed by its own user-friendly setup program complete with its own web server. An integration into existing solutions with Apache web server or Internet Information Server is possible.

The following databases have been tested and approved for operation with [alive-IT]:

  • Oracle

  • DB2

  • MS SQL Server


To access the Web application, the client workstations only require standard, modern browsers.

The current versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Edge and Mozilla-Firefox are explicitly supported. The browsers must accept cookies from the web server and JavaScript must be activated.  

Software as a Service

[alive-IT] is also offered as Software as a Service. Here you only need a current browser on your client workstations.​