[alive-IT] Version 5.9

As of March 1,2018, the new [alive-IT] Version 5.9 will be ready for download.

An overview of the major new features of version 5.9:

The Dashboard is the new home page of [alive-IT] and welcomes the
Users with the most important content - and this is user-specific.
Reports, tasks, messages, master data and external content can be displayed.
The position and size of the contents can also be configured. If required, the contents appear depending on user ID, organizational units or roles.

Some contents can be controlled by context-dependent variables that allow the current date or the user's ID to be used in filter expressions, for example.

New user management
The new user management is fully integrated in alive-IT and replaces the previous user and content management.

It can be easily integrated into existing single sign-on solutions for authentication. A local logon can be prepared as an automatic fail-over, which would become active immediately in the event of a failure of a central single sign-on. In addition, password compliance with complexity rules and validity periods can be determined.