[alive-IT] Version 6.0

The new [alive-IT] version 6.0 will be available for download on 24.06.2019.

After two years of work, in which we increased the program code of [alive-IT[ for the BIA module by 25%, we proudly present version 6.0. 

With [alive-IT] 6.0 a new module for Business Impact Analysis is available. In addition, PDF documents are supported as a processable document format for integration into manuals. Furthermore, the user interface of [alive-IT] has been completely reworked and modernized.

BIA module
With [alive-IT] 6.0 a completely new solution for Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is available. The BIA can now be carried out in the form of a survey, which can be centrally managed and tracked at any time and automatically integrates the participants, workflow-controlled.

A powerful and parameterizable procedure calculates the values for RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and MTPD (Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption) to determine the time-critical business processes.

At the end of each BIA project, the result can be generated in a comprehensive final report as a Word or PDF document.

Support of PDF documents
PDF documents can now be uploaded to [alive-IT]. They are evaluated analogously to Word documents and can be integrated into manuals.

New user interface
[alive-IT] was adapted to current principles for the design of web applications. Using context menus (right-clicking on objects) replaces the previously used icons that appeared above table rows to display the available functions. The icons have been simplified and standardized.