[alive-IT] Version 6.0.1

The new [alive-IT] version 6.0.1 will be available for download from 20.03.2020.


OpenJDK-8 compatibility: With the introduction of new licensing models by Oracle for Java, the use and support of Oracle's Java 8 SE Development Kit (JDK), which was previously required for alive-IT, was now subject to licensing. The only alternative was to waive ongoing updates.

Therefore alive-IT supports from version 6.0.1 on open source JDKs (OpenJDK) as platform.

Security update of the embedded Tomcat web server: To close a security hole in the Tomcat web server (named GhostCat or CVE-2020-1938), its version has to be updated to 9.0.31, which is therefore shipped with alive-IT 6.0.1.
The vulnerability affected the AJP connector, which is disabled in default installations.

However, in order to use the new version of the AJP Connector, the configuration has to be adapted in addition to the update. You can find more detailed information and further links in the installation instructions.

This alive-IT version also offers the following minor enhancements:

  • In addition to changing their size, the navigation can now also be completely hidden and displayed again with a simple mouse click. As usual in other web applications, three horizontal lines above the navigation are displayed as icons. This function is only available if users have access to the navigation. (The possibility to withdraw this was introduced in version 6.0).

  • As additional information, a field for the generation date can now be used in manuals. Until now, this information was only visible in the file name of a generated manual that contained the time of generation. The GENERATION_DATE variable can be set up in the so-called DocPropertys of the manual document template and can be used anywhere in the template.

  • The positioning of process graphics in manuals can now be set via the application settings (Properties). Under the ID manual.processgraph.align, the position can now be set using the values 0 (left), 1 (centered) or 3 (right).