[alive-IT] Version 6.1.3

The new [alive-IT] version 6.1.3 is now available for download.

New features

Enhanced checking and analysis before completing BIAs: To better support a clean completion of BIA projects, additional analysis and checking functions are now offered in the context menu of a BIA project. First, under "Check", circular references between the business processes or activities considered in the BIA are checked for. These would be critical as they prevent a calculation of RTO/MTPD of the affected processes. A project with such structures should not be completed, as these problems would then be stored irreversibly. If such exist, an analysis is offered via the process graphic view. In this, process structures with circular processes can be viewed in isolation. This view can also be called up directly via the context menu of a BIA project at any time for interim analysis. Without circular processes, the context of the audit searches for processes for which the specified impacts have resulted in an RTO that corresponds to the MTPD. When a BIA is completed, the check is automatically performed and a warning is given if there are problems to prevent inadvertently completing a project with incorrect structures or data. All process graphics have now also been given a zoom function.

Update of system libraries: The included version of Log4J has been increased to 2.17.1. The files of the web server Tomcat integrated in alive-IT correspond to its currently latest version 9.0.58.