[alive-IT] Version 6.1

From 17.09.2020 the new [alive-IT] version 6.1 is available for download.


Adjustments to corporate design
With version 6.1, the customer's request for an increased integration of a 
Corporate designs are taken into account. The topmost application line can now 
can be adapted. You can now adjust

  • Background colour

  • Logo in the upper left corner

  • Font colour

according to your own wishes.

Extensions of the BIA module
The BIA module has been improved in several details

  • The possibility to add master data during BIA (for applications, individual data processing, authorisations / qualifications and service providers), if these were not yet recorded at the time the BIA was started.

  • The manually supplemented master data can be compared and merged with the existing master data in [alive-IT] after completion of the survey or also subsequently.

  • For the exchange between the parties involved in a BIA answer sheet, a comment function was added to each page of the sheet, which can be called up via an icon in the button bar of each page. The comments can be laid out and are - comparable to a chat - marked with different coloured user IDs.

  • Another calculation method is now available for the calculation of MTPD and RTO. Besides the weighted arithmetic mean, a maximum value principle can now be selected.

Extended reporting with SQL interface for the connection of any Reporting solutions
Also at the customer's request, an SQL interface was integrated, which allows simple queries from any reporting system (Excel, Crystal Reports etc.) that supports an evaluation of database interfaces. This means that reports of any complexity and independent layout can now be created. For security reasons, this database interface is connected to an authentication procedure that is integrated into the user management of [alive-IT], so that the authorisations defined in [alive-IT] are also fully effective for this type of access. 

In addition, we offer free of charge both an ODBC and a JDBC driver, which are frequently required. The users accessing via this report interface are also classified as concurrent users, so that the licence volume may have to be adjusted in case of intensive use.

Optional use of graphics for recovery processes in the manual module 
For the generation of manuals it can now be decided in each case whether the graphics of recovery processes should appear completely, only once for the top level of the process or not at all.

On the one hand, this setting can be defined in the master data of each manual or can be determined ad hoc in a dialogue before the generation process. In the dialogue for the ad hoc settings of a generation process, file format and layout template can also be determined.

Connection of further alarm systems
Following the interface to Fact24, data exports to

  • Everbridge (Everbridge, Inc., USA)

  • Serinus (Serinus GmbH, Hagen, Germany)

are possible.