Crisis Management

Crisis management is an important part of BCM and demands of its members much more than just decisiveness and status reporting. In the end, the Business Continuity Programme of an enterprise stands or falls with the agility and performance of its strategic top – the crisis management team. No matter how good or well-thought-out a “Plan B” is for a circumstance, if a crisis is managed wrongly or not at all, then the consequences for the operations and the reputation of the company can be disastrous. Therefore, a number of aspects must be considered when constructing a crisis management team, and decisions about membership of the crisis management team must be considered carefully.

Controllit AG assists you with the design and implementation of a crisis management team that takes full account of the needs of your organisation. To let your crisis management team members gain experience with their tasks within the crisis management team in near-crisis situations, we offer support with relevant crisis team exercises.

The aim of the crisis exercises is to strengthen the effectiveness of your crisis management team in tackling emergencies. To that end we apply methods from the theory, learning by doing, as well as learning through reflection. A tailor-made simulation exercise is executed at strategic, tactical and operational levels based upon a realistic situation.

After the simulation, experiences are collected and appraised, in which the facilitators provide feedback and the crisis management team provides its impressions. The aim of the appraisal is to verify and optimise the structure, communication and functioning of the crisis management team. Following the exercise, we compile a final report. This contains the results of the general appraisal and recommendations for the optimisation of the crisis response processes.

Crisis management Services