Crisis Management

In the event of a crisis, an organisation or company must react professionally, quickly and appropriately to the situation in order to avert or minimise potential negative effects. To achieve this, different elements of crisis response and crisis communication must work together. With our experience and our experts, we support you in setting up a crisis management system for your company.

Crisis response

Only appropriate planning, preparation and practice make a functioning crisis management possible. A wide variety of factors (political, financial, ethical, legal, social) must be taken into account. On the basis of less - often contradictory - information, time-critical decisions must be made and processes set in motion.

Crisis communication

Communication with the press, customers, authorities and other stakeholders during normal operations is already a real challenge today and requires the appropriate specialist knowledge - but in times of crisis, communication requirements are quite different. Important stakeholders expect to be informed quickly and comprehensively. Inactivity and passivity in times of crisis damage a company's reputation and destroy public trust.

In order to master all these challenges, overcome a crisis and emerge stronger from it, an operational crisis organization is needed that is able to react appropriately to the challenges of an acute crisis.

Crisis management Services